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if you received the link to this hidden web page, you were selected to receive the limited edition toters for a DISCOUNTED PRICE. 
We have just a few sets we are looking to sell and am offering them to you for $160 per set! 
This is a $50 discount!!

These containers are for PURCHASE only. Once you purchase them, they are yours forever!


There would be a $35.00 additional delivery fee, or you can exchange/pick up at our office to waive that fee.

- If you currently have Bartenfelder containers & and want to exchange them, there is NO credit towards purchasing these containers since our containers are free rental containers with your service, we will just simply pick up our containers and drop these off. 

-You can keep the containers that are supplied by us if you would like, please remember that you only can set out the amount of trash in your package with us. If you need to set out both trash cans you can simply call us to schedule that.

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