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Residential Services

We offer curb side pick-up of residential waste and recycling to individual homes as well as residential communities. There are several options available to meet your needs, including rates for seniors, special discounts for emergency responders and active or retired military.


We strive for perfection in everything we do, including placing your container with a closed lid neatly out of the way.


We offer 1x a week as well as 2x a week pickup. 

You will receive a trash and recycling container specified to the package you choose.

Harford County Trash

Holds (2-3)

13 gallon bags

Height 38.80 in.

Width 19.80 in

Depth 38 in.

Holds (4-5)

13 gallon bags


Height 42 3/8 in.

Width 25 1/8 in. 

Depth 29 1/2 in

Holds (6-7)

13 gallon bags

Height 41 1/4 in.

Width 29 3/8 in.

Depth 33 7/8in.

Trash Pickup Guidelines

All household waste should be bagged, placed in your green bartenfelder container, and set curbside by 4:00 a.m. (Unsure of your garbage service day? Give us a call

Unacceptable Household Waste

We do not handle the removal of the following items, but please call our office for guidance on safe and convenient rubbish removal solutions.

  • Yard Waste

  • Major landscaping debris: Rocks, dirt, soil, sod, tree stumps, landscaping timbers

  • Construction debris: Concrete, bricks

  • Hazardous waste: Paint, motor oil, tires, combustibles, flammable products, dead animals, fecal matter, manure, friable or non-friable asbestos, rechargeable batteries, bio-hazardous material, needles and other medical waste. 

Large Bulk Items

Some items are too large to fit into your garbage can, but we can help you dispose of them responsibly. We offer on-demand bulk waste pickup services for certain furniture and mattresses. Call our office or shoot us an email to schedule. 

Containers are provided with the service. 

$35.00 delivery fee may apply.

blue can.png

Recycling Pickup Guidelines

All acceptable recycling items should be placed loosely in your blue Bartenfelder container and set curbside by 4:00 a.m.


Unacceptable Recycling items

We cannot accept ANY kind of plastic bag in the recycling. This means we CANNOT accept the following items as recycling:

Plastic grocery bags, Trash bags, Clear or blue plastic bags that are labeled for recycling, The plastic that your waters, toilet paper and paper towels are wrapped in, The bag your potatoes or other produce come in, Ramen packaging, Chip or bread bags, Bubble wrap or plastic air filled packaging, Anything that resembles a plastic bag CANNOT be accepted as recycling


In addition to the above items we also CANNOT accept the following in the recycling:

Clothing, Styrofoam or packing peanuts, pizza boxes, or diapers.

For additional information on recycling check out the links below 

Harford County Single Stream Recycling Website

Recycling Guide

Curbside Tips

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