This page is only for the residents of Havre De Grace

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Collection of waste and recycling 

Holiday Schedule

We will be closed on the following holidays for the year of 2022:

Independence Day, Monday, July 4, 2022

Labor Day, Monday, September 5, 2022

Thanksgiving Day, Thursday, November 24, 2022

Christmas (Observed) Monday, December 26 2022

Please note, during the week of a holiday if your normal service day falls on or after the holiday, your trash and recycling will be collected the day after your normal service day. This includes Saturday service.


If your normal collection day is Monday, we will service you on Tuesday.

If your normal collection day is Tuesday, we will service you on Wednesday.

If your normal collection day is Wednesday, we will service you on Thursday.

If your normal collection day is Thursday, we will service you on Friday.

If your normal collection day is Friday, we will service you on Saturday.


*** If one of the holidays listed above occurs after your normal service day, your service day will not be affected. ***

Household Trash & Recycling

Each household is responsible for providing its own trash and recycling containers. Bartenfelder Sanitation can provide rental containers, or you may purchase one directly from us! We can even deliver them to you. 
All trash and all recyclables must be placed securely in containers, with handles and tightfitting lids. 

  • TRASH CONTAINERS: Must be rubber, plastic or metal with handles. When using plastic bags for trash, they must be placed in a trash can.

  • WEIGHT: When full, must not weigh over 50 lbs. Be careful not to over-fill.

  • LIDS: Secure both your trash and recycle containers with tight-fitting lids to prevent wind and animals from causing a mess.

  • MARKING: To prevent loss or theft, mark both the lid and container with your address. Recycling containers must be clearly marked recycling, or you can place a large "X" on the container with paint or tape.

  • IMPORTANT TIMES: All Cans/Containers Out – after 6 p.m. the night before your day of collection. All Cans/Containers In – by 8 p.m. day of collection.

  • Trash and recycling will be collected on the same day, however at different times!

Yard Waste

Yard waste will be collected on Mondays year-round. 

  •  Place Yard Waste in same spot as trash cans.

  •  Paper Bagging is preferred, but if placed in a can, pack it loosely. (Make sure there is no trash in the can. 

  •  Contents plus the Can must not weigh more than 50 pounds. Please, no wet grass. If the can is too heavy to lift, it will not be collected.

  • Tie branches in bundles: not longer than 4 feet, not wider than 2 feet, not over 50 pounds in weight, no branches over 1.5 in. round.

  • Christmas Trees - collected through January - can be placed loose at curbside, no paper bagging required

The following is not able to be collected as yard waste. 

  • Bamboo

  • Thistle

  • Root Balls 

  • Soil/Dirt

  • Poison Ivy

  • Poison Oak

  • Poison Sumac

  • Stumps

  • Diseased & Insect infested Plant Material

Metal items

Havre De Grace City staff will collect bulky metal items such as washers, dryers, heaters, grills, swing sets, etc.
Call to schedule a collection at (410) 939-5009.


Hazardous Waste Disposal:

Where can I dispose of motor oil and/or antifreeze?

The City of Havre de Grace provides a drop container located at Jerry Foster Way.  The container is available to you 24 hours a day.

Directions: Revolution Street to Seneca Ave., right on Wilson St, right on Jerry Foster Way.

Where can I dispose of paint cans?

Aerosol cans — only when EMPTY- may go out with regular trash.
Latex (water-based) Paint: Wet paint cannot go into the trash.  However, if the paint inside the can is dry, then it can go out in the regular trash.  Make sure the lid is off.  If the paint inside the can is still wet, remove the lid, allow the air to dry the paint, or add sand or kitty litter to absorb it and allow to dry.  Once the paint is dry, then it can be put out with the regular trash — lid off.

Oil-based Paint — this is considered hazardous waste and must be taken to the Scarboro Landfill located at

3135 Scarboro Road, Street, MD 21154 Ph: (410) 638-3018

This information does not apply to those living in multi-unit apartments, gated neighborhoods, non-annexed areas or businesses. If you need trash service, we are more then happy to have you as a single subscription customer, please see our residential tab!