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UPDATED 1/7/2022 AT 5:50AM

Due to overnight weather, there will be no collection Friday January 7th 2022. Fridays routes will be completed Saturday January 8th. 


At our normal start time of 4am, the road conditions were unsafe. Unfortunately its not achievable to complete routes with a delayed start due to the landfill hours. 



UPDATED 1/3/2022 AT 11:00AM

Our routes started on a normal schedule however due to road conditions worsening we will be ending our day for the safety of our employees and the public. If you were not picked up today we will accept extra materials next Monday. Thank you




UPDATED 1/2/2022 AT 8:00PM

As of right now all routes are scheduled to run on time tomorrow Monday January 3rd 2022.

We are anticipating to make a call at 3am if we will start or delay routes. Please check back for further updates



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