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UPDATED 2/13/2024 AT 9:26AM

Trucks are out collecting routes as normal. Pickup times may be delayed due to weather. 

UPDATED 1/20/2024 AT 9:26AM

Trucks are out collecting Tuesday routes for the makeup day. If any streets are covered in snow they will not be serviced. If any containers are blocked in, or mounded by snow they will also not be collected. 

UPDATED 1/19/2024 AT 9:26AM

Trucks collected until 7am this morning. If your materials were not collected, we apologize for any inconvenience.

There will be no makeup day for Friday's collection. We will accept extra materials next week.

UPDATED 1/16/2024 AT 10:18AM

Due to the weather, there will be no collection on Tuesday, January 16th, 2024. Tuesday routes will be completed Saturday, January 20th. 

There will be NO CHANGES to Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday routes.


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