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Welcome to Bartenfelder Sanitaion

At Bartenfelder, we are committed to delivering responsive and excellent service to all our customers. We are pleased to serve you with the highest quality service. Our customer satisfaction is the most important part of our business, and we work hard to ensure our customers feel valued and heard. With the help of our award-winning customer service team, we will ensure you receive real-time solutions and quality products every time.

Please take the time to look over the following information and sign below. We will not be able to start service until you have submitted your signature.  


Terms of Service


Trash & Recycling Cans:

Trash and/or recycling cans are provided to customers for the duration of service, including any repairs or replacements needed due to manufacturing defects and normal wear. All cans are property of Bartenfelder Sanitation Service, Inc. (BSSI) and are to be returned in reasonable condition upon termination of service. Customers are responsible for the proper usage, cleaning, and storage of all BSSI issued cans. Customers will be held liable for the current market value of any BSSI can(s) in need of repair or replacement due to negligence, misuse, or theft either by the customer or others. Customers utilizing personal cans and/or containers are requested to remove or cover any prior company logos and contact our office for BSSI decals free of charge. BSSI will not be responsible for any customer's personal cans, containers, or lids that are lost or damaged during service. All customers are encouraged to mark cans and/or containers using removable, numbered decals displaying the service address. Permanent changes or non-removable markings of BSSI cans are not permitted.

BSSI will repair wheels, lift bars, and lids to no cost to the customer. If the container is damaged (Painted, holes drilled into, hot ashes placed into container) Customer will be responsible for replacement cost. 

If customer purchases a container, the warranty is only valid while customer is enrolled into service with Bartenfelder Sanitation.

Customers will be liable for a $100 charge for each BSSI can(s) not recovered or returned in poor, non-reusable condition after cancellation.



Scheduled Service Days & Requirements:

To ensure service please place all trash and recycling curbside the night prior, or no later than 4 am, on designated service days. Service will not be delayed for any new customers awaiting delivery of BSSI issued cans and are asked to place recyclables inside a cardboard box and bagged household trash curbside for service. While BSSI attempts to maintain the same scheduled service days, unless otherwise noted (See Holidays, Delays & Cancellations), BSSI cannot guarantee any specific collection times due to continuous growth and route modifications. Please note, that items not intended for disposal such as toys, bikes/scooters, clothing donations, tools, etc., should not be stored or placed, even temporarily, within (10) feet of the collection area. This includes items contained in bags and/or cans in or around collection areas within proximity to customers' vehicle. BSSI will not be held liable for the accidental pickup and disposal of these items.


Household Trash & Bulk/Special Pickup:

BSSI crews are only permitted to collect household waste that fits inside customer's contracted can. Contents placed outside of can or in additional cans or containers will not be collected. As a courtesy, (1) time per month BSSI will collect extra trash equivalent to the customers contracted can size. Customers must notify our office (24) hours in advance for this service. For bulk pickup or disposal of large household items such as furniture, rugs, mattresses, box springs, etc., please contact our office.


Safety Considerations:

For the health and safety of all BSSI crews, individual cans, bags, and containers should not exceed 5Olbs. Any can, bag, or container exceeding 50lbs and deemed unsafe for BSSI crews to properly dispose of will not be collected.


Non-acceptable Items:

Certain hazardous and non-hazardous materials are unable to be collected and disposed of by BSSI crews. These materials include, but are not limited to: Hazardous waste (paint, motor oil, tires, combustibles, flammable products, electronics, animal carcasses, manure, large quantities of animal waste, friable or non-friable asbestos, rechargeable or lithium batteries. bio-hazardous materials, needles, and other medical waste), landscaping debris (rock, gravel, dirt, soil, sod, tree stumps, large brush and branches), construction or demolition debris (brick, lumber), bagged clothing, and appliances. Please call our office for guidance on how to dispose of these items.



BSSI follows Harford County's Single Stream Recycling Guidelines. For a complete list of all paper, plastic, metal, and glass materials accepted, please visit Please note, shredded paper must be contained in a paper bag or cardboard box. The following common household items CANNOT be recycled: Plastic bags of any kind (grocery bags, trash bags, plastic bags labeled for recycling), plastic packaging (packaging from water bottles, toilet paper, paper towels, toys/packages, chip or bread bags), facial tissues, napkins, paper towels, used paper plates or cups, pizza boxes, food-contaminated containers, k-cups, Styrofoam, packing supplies such as peanuts & bubble wrap, lightbulbs, and diapers.


Delays & Cancellations:

Service may be delayed or cancelled due to uncontrollable circumstances such as weather, unsafe road conditions, natural disasters, emergency roadwork, or acts of God. If service is delayed or cancelled, please refer to our Facebook page for updates or call our office.



Our office is closed New Year's Day, Memorial Day, July 4'", Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day. All other holidays our office remains open and operating according to schedule. Please note, when our office is closed for a holiday and a customer's normal service day falls on or after the holiday that week, trash & recycling will be collected the day after customer's normal service day. This includes extending service to Saturdays.


Private Property:

BSSI will not be held liable for any damage that may occur to customers pavement, gravel drive, curbing, lawn, or other driving surface while accessing customers property. Customers must clear private lane and/or drive of snow, ice , tree limbs, or debris during adverse weather, and maintain overgrowth of trees and/or brush in such condition that BSSI vehicles can safely access private lane and/or drive without damaging BSSI vehicles. Additionally, BSSI will not be held liable for any unsubstantiated evidence of damage to vehicle(s) and/or property while servicing customers residence.


Vacation Holds:

BSSI will extend customers a temporary suspension of service by placing account on a vacation hold up to (4) limes per year with a minimum hold of (14) days. Proration of account  will  be reflected on customer's  next quarterly  invoice. It is the customers responsibility to notify our office (7) days prior to a vacation hold request, and BSSI asks all customers to call (24) hours in advance upon returning to ensure service is reinstated. Customers wishing to suspend service for more than (60) days, please contact our office.


Christmas Tree Collection:

In select service areas BSSI offers Christmas tree pickup and disposal. There is a $10 prepaid charge per tree and all trees must be bare, free of ornaments, lights, garland, and tinsel. Please call our office no later than January 10'" for service areas and/or to schedule pickup. Pickup dates will be determined by BSSI. 

Payments & Billing;

Quarterly invoices are mailed to customers every (3) months with payment due by the 1" of the month for the new quarter. If payment is not received in our office by the 14' ", the account will be placed on a service hold and a $ I 5 late fee will be applied to the account. Please be advised, BSSI crews are not authorized to receive payments. The following payment options are available:


  • Check, money order, or cashier's check may be mailed or delivered to our office in person. To ensure payment is applied to the correct account, please reference account or invoice number on check.


Please make checks payable to: Bartenfelder Sanitation Service, Inc.

Mailing address: P.O. Box 706, Forest Hill, MD 21050


  • Visit to make a one-time payment and manage account.

  • Call our office to make a payment over the phone. BSSl accepts Visa, Mastercard, and Discover.

  • Autopay is available. Customers interested in automatic quarterly payments should call our office.


Termination of Service:

Customers are responsible to notify our office in advance via telephone when planning on moving, transferring service, or cancelling. Written notification is not accepted unless received by certified mail. Customers are held liable for any outstanding balance due to BSSI, and there will be no proration of billing and/or refunds issued for cancellation of service at any time. Arrangements will be made for BSSI to collect any can(s) within (15) days upon termination of service, and customers will be charged a reconditioning fee up to $45 per can if returned and in need of excessive cleaning, sanitizing, and deodorizing due to neglect, or removal of adhesives, caulk, glue, paint, or sharpie marker. Reconditioning fees will be applied to customer's final invoice. Customers will be liable for a $100 charge for each BSSI can(s) not recovered or returned in poor, non-reusable condition. All legal rights will be explored, including , but not limited to, legal proceedings to recover any outstanding debt due to BSSI, including legal fees, court costs, and/or the transfer of debt to a collection agency in accordance with State and Federal laws.


Standard Rates, Additional Fees & Charges:

BSSI reserves the right to increase quarterly rates at any time during service with (30) day notification provided to customers. Customers who have prepaid for service will have their future invoice adjusted to reflect rate change. Standard Fees & Charges are listed as followed and subject to change without notice:

Late Payment Fee- $15, Returned Check Fee- $25, Redelivery Fee- $35, Reconditioning Fee- up to $45 per can, Clean Can Swap-out- $35 per can, and Replacement Can- *current market value.


{11/2021} Bartenfelder Sanitation Service, Inc. policies and Terms of Service may change at any time, and customers are expected to comply with the most current versions. To the extent this Terms of Service conflicts with any applicable company policy, the current policy will govern.

Terms Of Service Agreement

Thanks for submitting!


Trash Pickup Guidelines

All household waste should be bagged, placed in your green bartenfelder container, and set curbside by 4:00 a.m. (Unsure of your garbage service day? Give us a call

Unacceptable Household Waste

We do not handle the removal of the following items, but please call our office for guidance on safe and convenient rubbish removal solutions.

  • Major landscaping debris: Rocks, dirt, soil, sod, tree stumps, landscaping timbers

  • Construction debris: Concrete, bricks

  • Hazardous waste: Paint, motor oil, tires, combustibles, flammable products, dead animals, fecal matter, manure, friable or non-friable asbestos, rechargeable batteries, bio-hazardous material, needles and other medical waste. 

Large Bulk Items

Some items are too large to fit into your garbage can, but we can help you dispose of them responsibly. We offer on-demand bulk waste pickup services for certain furniture and mattresses. Call our office or shoot us an email to schedule. 

Recycling Pickup Guidelines

All acceptable recycling items should be placed loosely in your blue Bartenfelder container and set curbside by 4:00 a.m.

Unacceptable Recycling items

We cannot accept ANY kind of plastic bag in the recycling. This means we CANNOT accept the following items as recycling:

Plastic grocery bags, Trash bags, Clear or blue plastic bags that are labeled for recycling, The plastic that your waters, toilet paper and paper towels are wrapped in, The bag your potatoes or other produce come in, Ramen packaging, Chip or bread bags, Bubble wrap or plastic air filled packaging, Anything that resembles a plastic bag CANNOT be accepted as recycling


In addition to the above items we also CANNOT accept the following in the recycling:

Clothing, Styrofoam or packing peanuts, pizza boxes, or diapers.

blue can.png

For additional information on recycling check out the links below 

Harford County Single Stream Recycling Website

Recycling Guide

Curbside Tips

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